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Will a new sprinkler installation damage my established lawn?​
No. Our installers take great care in preserving your existing lawn and landscape. Our state of the art equipment also minimizes the amount of digging in your yard. You will hardly know we were even working in your yard after we complete the installation!

When is the best time to install a sprinkler system?
If you have an established lawn, usually early spring or fall are good times to install your sprinkler system. If you are building a new home, the best time is before your landscaper plants your grass and flower beds.

What type of maintenance is involved in owning a sprinkler system?
Winterizing your sprinklers to prepare for the winter months is the most important. We also offer a spring turn on service, which helps tune up the system and get it ready for the summer. (many cities require an annual back-flow preventer test)

How long should I water my lawn?
Water time varies due to soil conditions, time of year, sun and shade areas. Generally speaking, its better to water less frequently and for a longer duration, as opposed to watering every day for short amounts of time.

Can the sprinkler heads be moved or changed after they have been installed?​
Yes. Your sprinkler heads can be moved or replaced at any time for various reasons. Some reasons may include old worn out heads, changes in the shape or size of landscape beds, driveway extensions and the addition of a shed or swing set.

Does an automatic sprinkler system really save money on my water bill?
Yes. Our systems are designed to deliver precisely the correct amount of water to all of the areas of your lawn and flower beds. For example, an automatic system helps avoid leaving the hose on for too long in the same area. 

What is a wireless rain sensor?
Wireless rain sensors are popular because they allow you to choose your own rainfall set points, ultimately saving you up to 35% on your water bill. They are an essential component of your irrigation system that will save you time and money.

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