• Open water sources and turn on electrical components
  • Adjust and check sprinkler heads for rotation, spray pattern, and adjust nozzle accordingly
  • Check the time clock and adjust if needed
  • Note any changes in landscaping
  • Check Manifolds
  • Repair any items if necessary

Irrigation System Seasonal Service & Repair:

Contact Us Today! 914-668-9841|​ Luigis@luigislawnsprinklers.com

If you are experiencing the unfortunate situation of a leak, broken sprinkler head or a non-functioning controller; with a quick call to our office, we can make you an appointment to have our team come out and diagnose, estimate and repair any number of troubles you may have. Our team can service your system whether installed by another contractor or us.

Have you changed your landscape or have a problem within the lawn sprinkler system? Whether we install your original irrigation system or have an existing system, we can provide the necessary service and upgrades. We provide FREE ESTIMATES for additions and upgrades

                                                   Fall Winterization

Winterization, or closing, is performed in the fall prior to the ground freezing. Our team will use an air compressor at carefully calculated settings to remove the water from your system and help prevent damage from breakage from freezing

Spring Start-up Package: Re-open system and ensure all components are in working order after winter.

Spring Turn On & Maintenance:

We offer seasonal service to ensure that your system continues to run smoothly. We offer Spring Opening & Fall Winterization services

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